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Aurora Limited, started to perform complex geophysical works for various customers in Kazakhstan.

Within the framework of the first project, site electrical prospecting works on the methodology of evoked potential of median gradient VP-SG, electrotomography and high-precision magnetic prospecting in Pavlodar region are being carried out.

To perform electrical exploration works, a modern hardware complex manufactured by GDD Instrumentation (Canada) is used. Geophysical works are accompanied by high-precision satellite georeferencing using modern Trimble R12 topographic surveying equipment.

The second project involves detailed magnetic survey in Kostanay region using high-precision GSM-19W magnetometers on Overhauser effect (GEM Systems, Canada).

Aurora Limited implements its projects in accordance with high quality standards, with a strong focus on safety and minimizing harm to the environment. The company is committed to providing advanced geophysical services and innovative solutions to the exploration and mining industries. With a skilled team of experts and a commitment to utilizing the latest technology, the company continues to provide invaluable information and support to its clients.

For more information about Aurora Limited and its services, please visit www.aurora.kz or contact us at info@aurora.kz.