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Toronto, Canada, March 4, 2024 – Aurora Limited proudly convened the fifth annual Kazakhstan Day 2024, an esteemed event dedicated to celebrating Kazakhstan’s significant contributions to the mining sector and to spotlighting new investment opportunities within the country. The event, held in collaboration with industry leaders and government representatives, underscored Kazakhstan’s burgeoning potential in the global mining landscape.

The day commenced with an insightful welcome address from Kanat Sharlapayev, Minister of Industry and Construction of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Minister Sharlapayev illuminated the forward-looking prospects and strategic vision of Kazakhstan's mining sector, notably mentioning the adoption of a new mining code designed to be investor-friendly. He highlighted that exploration investments have shown a remarkable increase, with an influx of approximately $250 million in 2022 alone. Additionally, the Minister underscored ongoing efforts to refine legislation, specifically addressing the reduction of liquidation security requirements to further bolster investment appeal for development of the junior market in Kazakhstan.

In a pivotal address, Andres Blanco, the head of Xcalibur Smart Mapping, the leading airborne geophysics company, delved into the innovative pilot project in the Northern Balkhash area. This initiative, stemming from a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Geological Survey of Kazakhstan, involves a comprehensive regional airborne geophysical survey, embracing magnetic, radiometric, gravimetric and electromagnetic techniques, over the Northern Balkhash and the Kalbanarim rare-metal zone. The project aims to generate a modern, precompetitive geophysics dataset to entice private investment in Kazakhstan’s geological exploration endeavors.

A highlight of Kazakhstan Day 2024 was the premiere of “Northern Balkhash - The Next Copper Elephant”, a documentary presented by Lakeside Minerals and Trevor Wright. The film compellingly argues Kazakhstan’s potential to unearth world-class deposits, setting the stage for heightened global attention and investment. This movie can be watched via this link - www.lakeside.kz/film

The event also featured insights from C-level executives of RG Gold and Yer-Tai, sharing their successful navigation from exploration to active mining, underscoring the practical achievements and potential within Kazakhstan’s mining sector.

Said Sultanov from Aurora Limited offered a comprehensive overview of the exploration sector's progress, highlighting the increasing investments and the notable influx of global mining giants and junior mining companies into Kazakhstan. This trend points to a promising landscape for exploration opportunities, showcasing the country's burgeoning potential as a prime location for mining endeavors.

Sultanov also announced the creation of the Kazakhstan Chamber of Mines. This pivotal development aims to support and advocate for the interests of investors and exploration entities in Kazakhstan, further solidifying the nation's commitment to becoming a leading destination for mining investment and operations, especially for junior mining exploration companies looking to tap into the abundant opportunities within the region.


Aurora Limited expresses profound gratitude to all participants, organizers, and contributors for making Kazakhstan Day 2024 a monumental success. We reaffirm our commitment to providing comprehensive geological exploration services and continue to support foreign investors in harnessing Kazakhstan’s rich mining opportunities.

Kazakhstan Day at PDAC 2024 not only showcased the promising future of Kazakhstan's mining industry but also facilitated crucial meetings that underscore the depth of our commitment to global standards and partnerships. A highlight was the meeting between CRIRSCO Chairman Garth Kirkham and Minister of Industry Kanat Sharlapayev. This meeting represents a pivotal moment, illustrating our dedication to aligning with international best practices and enhancing the global competitiveness of Kazakhstan's mining sector.

Such high-level discussions are vital for fostering international cooperation, exchanging expertise, and driving forward the reforms that are making Kazakhstan an attractive destination for mining investments. This collaboration with global leaders and organizations like CRIRSCO further solidifies our resolve to ensure sustainable and responsible development in our mining exploration and investment endeavors.

This year's PDAC Conference was particularly significant for us as it provided an invaluable opportunity to reconnect with long-standing partners and friends, as well as to welcome new faces into our network. We are sincerely thankful for the time and interest each visitor showed in our latest ventures and technological advancements aimed at revolutionizing the mining sector of Kazakhstan.

“We extend special acknowledgments to our esteemed colleagues from around the globe for their presence and the enriching exchanges we had. Your engagement with our team at booth #2907 was a highlight of our PDAC experience, reflecting the collaborative spirit that drives our industry forward.”

Aurora is committed to nurturing the relationships we've fortified at the PDAC Conference and to continue contributing to the mining community's growth with our innovative solutions. For those who were unable to meet with us at the conference, we encourage you to get in touch. Our team is eager to engage with you on how we can collaborate towards a more sustainable and efficient mining future.

A heartfelt thank you once again to everyone who participated in making our PDAC Conference experience unforgettable. We are eager to keep the momentum going and are looking forward to next year's conference and the chance to reconnect with all of you.

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