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Join us for the 5th Annual “Kazakhstan Day” as part of Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) conference! This event combines cultural insight and information about Kazakhstan's thriving mining and mineral exploration industry. 

Date: March 4, 2024
Time: 14:00 – 18:00
Location: Canada, Toronto, MTCC, Room 206F
Highlights of the Event:

Plenary Session: Introduction to Kazakhstan 
The rich mosaic of Kazakhstan's culture, history, and investment climate paints a vivid picture of a country that seamlessly weaves together its diverse landscapes, economic potential, and strategic positioning within the global market.
Gain valuable insights into Kazakhstan's welcoming business environment and discover why it's a mining friendly jurisdiction. 
The list of speakers includes the Minister of Industry and Construction of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Canada, Chairman of the National Geological Survey and CEO of Eurasian Resources Group (ERG)

Session 1: Northern Balkhash: opportunities for new discoveries
The session will start with a movie presentation “Northern Balkhash - the next copper elephant”. 
Explore the promising potential of Balkhash - most favorable mining province in Kazakhstan. Uncover the latest breakthroughs and exciting discoveries, learn about emerging exploration projects, geological trends, and potential resource deposits that are reshaping the region's mining landscape. 
Professor Reimar Seltmann will present the Balkhash segment of the Kazakhstan’s orecline: commodity basket for energy transition metals.  CEO of Xcalibur Multiphysics Andres Blanco will share about planned airborne geophysics program in Northern Balkhash. CEO of Lakeside Minerals Trevor Wright will present a copper porphyry cluster of Balkhash province.

Session 2: Kazakhstan Mining Industry Review
Learn about the dynamic world of Kazakhstan's mining industry, key sectors, projects, and investment opportunities driving growth and innovation. Hear from industry decision makers on the current landscape and future prospects of Kazakhstan's mining sector. The speakers in this session represent companies that have gone from exploration discoveries to mining and processing. This session includes C-level executives of RG Gold, Tau-Ken Samruk, Yer-Tai, Arras Minerals, Kazakh Invest and Aurora. 

Networking Opportunities:
Forge meaningful connections with industry peers, government officials, and potential partners during dedicated networking breaks and sessions. Exchange ideas, explore collaboration opportunities, and build lasting relationships within the global mining community.

Registration Details:

Please register your interest pdac@aurora.kz