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Dear Members, Colleagues and Industry Participants,

The Kazakhstan Chamber of Mines members are happy to be actively operating in Kazakhstan. The Chamber's members have largely invested in Kazakhstan following the introduction of the new Subsoil code in 2018. This code represents a significant advancement in transparency and process efficiency compared to previous experiences with subsoil use. It marks a crucial step toward realizing Kazakhstan's potential as a minerals powerhouse.

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming Conference, scheduled for February 22, 2024, in Astana.

The Conference will explore crucial subjects concerning legislation, processes, and geological prospects within the mining industry. Together, we will actively participate in molding the future of this strategically important sector.

Save the date for this essential dialogue!


Venue: Astana, Kazakhstan

Date and Time: 02:00 PM, 22nd of February 2024

Event Program and Registration: Will be available shortly here: https://chamberofmines.kz/en/article/priglashenie-na-konferenciyu

For inquiries regarding media partnership and sponsorship, please contact Taskyn Koshman at: taskyn@chamberofmines.kz

Kazakhstan Chamber of Mines