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The purpose of geological exploration at the Kemir area is to identify industrially significant deposits of copper, gold and associated components, as well as rare metals within the area. Their further exploration will contribute to the economic development of the region as a whole.

Aurora Minerals Group carried out core drilling, with geological and geophysical drilling support. Drilling started from October 6, 2023, using two drill rigs by a private company - Aurora Quest Services Limited.

The drilling team, site geologists and geophysicists lived in Akbakai village, which is 50 km away from the site. The projected volume of drilling works was 1900 meters, and the drilling team successfully completed this task in less than a month.

Aurora Minerals Group employees performed monitoring of the drilling. Field geologists visited the drill site daily, checking the core material for errors and maintaining primary core documentation.

The main part of geological support of drilling works, namely geological documentation, sawing and core sampling, was done in Balkhash city. Aurora Quest Service LLP transported the core from Akbakai to Balkhash.

After the geological task was achieved, the drilling site was rehabilitated under the supervision of the site geologist, in accordance with Article 238 of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also in accordance with the standards, the collar of each drilled hole was sealed with concrete and fixed with a reperforator, including some data about the hole, such as: hole name, depth, inclination angle and azimuth of drilling.


After receiving core from the drill team every day, the site geologist checked each drill run, measured core recovery, noted mechanical fractures, and reviewed the core for the presence of ore mineralization.

Aurora Geophysics Limited, a private company, carried out geophysical surveys. The geophysical team was also located in Akbakai and traveled to the site after every 50 meters drilled to measure the hole inclination. According to the customers' requirements, the hole inclination angle should not exceed 3° per 100m. And the other logging operations were carried out after achieving the project depth of the hole.           

The core was carefully reviewed initially for the presence of mineralization, and later detailed documentation was performed with separation into different lithologic varieties and sampling intervals. The core sawing line was marked and photo documentation was carried out. The final touch is core sawing followed by sampling and then sending all samples to the laboratory for analysis.

Exploration works were carried out in accordance with international QA/QC standards and the Code on Subsoil and Subsoil Use of the Republic of Kazakhstan