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    In October 2023, the Aurora Minerals Group (AMG) team conducted core drilling with geological support at a site in the Zhambyl region.

   The purpose of the exploration works was identify industrially significant deposits of copper, gold and associated components, as well as rare metals within the area.

    Private company Aurora Quest Services Limited using two drilling rigs carried out drilling operations. The projected drilling volume was 1,900 meters and the drilling team successfully completed this task in less than a month.

    Aurora Minerals Group geologists performed monitoring of the drilling. Field geologists visited the drill site daily, checking the core material for errors and maintaining primary core documentation.

    After receiving core from the drill team every day, the field geologist checked each drill run, measured core recovery, noted mechanical fractures, and reviewed the core for the presence of ore mineralization.

    In the process of geological exploration, review and audit of regulatory documents, audit of procedures performed during exploration works at the site and compliance of the work performed with generally accepted standards of geological exploration (KAZRC/JORC) were carried out in parallel.

    The competent person FPONEN, FGSL, KAZRC Vladimir Danilov, carried out the audit of the conducted geological exploration works for compliance.

    Aurora Minerals Group's Chief Geologist Nikolay Bozhko accompanied the auditor during the field audit.

    Conclusions on the audit conducted:

    - The procedures set out in AMG's "Quality Assurance and Quality Control Procedures for Exploration Activities Managed by Aurora Minerals Group" are in accordance with KAZRC/JORC standards.

    - The 2023 exploration work has been carried out in full compliance with the Regulations and upon successful completion of the QA/QC program, the data obtained can be used to estimate Mineral Resources.