Спасибо ваша заявка принята


Aurora Minerals Group has become aware of recent rumors and unfounded accusations circulating about our operations, foundation, and ethical standing. Such claims are not only baseless but also crafted with a clear intent to undermine our reputation and the integrity of our operations in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.


Since our formation in 2015 by Kaisar Kozhamuratov and Said Sultanov, we have been committed to ethical, sustainable, and efficient exploration in the region. Our mission has always been to operate transparently and contribute positively to the communities and environments in which we work. As a privately held company providing geological exploration services, our focus is on our clients, our work, and the tangible benefits we bring to local economies.


The allegations levied against us lack credibility and we vigorously reject the slanderous accusations. They seem to be driven more by competitive malice or misinterpretation than by fact. Aurora Minerals Group has always conducted its business according to the highest standards of corporate governance and compliance.


Our recent successes, including significant industry events such as Toronto's PDAC and "Kazakhstan Day," highlight the respect and recognition we've earned within the global mining community, contrary to the narrative some are attempting to construct.


The quality of the sources and the absurdity of the claims against Aurora Minerals Group call into question the motives behind these allegations. It is disappointing to see such tactics being employed at european press sources but we remain focused on our mission and our values. Kazakhstan's adoption of a Mining code based on Western Australia's and the digital, first-come-first-served approach to license acquisition, exemplifies the country's transparent and efficient regulatory environment.


We thank our partners, clients, and the communities we engage with for their continued trust and support.